STEM Outreach

Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs raise interest and inspire students to prepare for careers of future demand.

Students with miniature robot for Hsu Educational Foundation


Providing financial and resource support to students exploration of robotic applications in and out of the classroom.

Coding Camp

Through hosting of camps with 10-12 students, we introduce basic coding concepts, increasing engagement in an effort to spark more in-depth understanding of computer science.

Students discover the applications of computer programming in the real world, learning more about potential careers and how related areas of engineering can impact the world.

Students at Coding Camp for Hsu Educational Foundation
Students with the Bob Sikes Robotics team for Hsu Educational Foundation


We support a number of STEM-related competition programs. Student competitions can be effective extracurricular activities for developing an innovation mindset, honing skills of problem-solving, team building, and creativity.

As students draw upon basic STEM concepts to accomplish missions of a scientific nature, they develop a better understanding and confidence. In turn, this empowers greater academic achievement in the classroom and cultivates interest in future career applications.

Tech Demos

Introducing emerging technologies to students increases awareness of real-life applications for the textbook concepts learned in classrooms. Exploring the use of drones, 3D printers, or robotics are a few examples.

The Hsu Educational Foundation works with area representatives from tech business, educational organizations, professional partners, and skilled groups to expose more students to a variety of new technologies as well as introducing the local resources where they can get involved. Efforts are made to organize tech demos at locations easily accessible to students at little or no cost – schools, libraries, camps and community settings.

Students with 3D printer for Hsu Educational Foundation
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Upcoming Events

Take a look at our calendar for a STEM event happening soon!

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