Drone Team Challenge

Drone Team Challenge is a student UAV competition focused on

introducing students to autonomous UAV technology at an early

age while fostering a community of mentorship.

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Drone Team Challenge

The HSU Educational Foundation has teamed with AFRL (Air Force Research Lab), area business partners, and education assets to bring to fruition a multifaceted STEM program using the Drone TEAM Challenge UAV Competition platform. Early student exposure and immersion into software programming and drone simulation will create a pipeline of students interested in UAV drone-related technologies.

Utilizing a four stage approach, the Drone TEAM Challenge competition platform exposes youth to drone concepts and FAA requirements utilizing an interactive Q&A online forum, practicing the art of drone flight using computer modeling and simulation, providing leadership opportunities for young mentors to showcase and pass on their mastery of UAV challenges, and supporting the execution of a well framed, broad exposure student UAV quadrotor competition known as Drone TEAM Challenge.

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