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Support for programs that encourage entrepreneurship, leadership, career technical training, and cultural enrichment.

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The HSU Educational Foundation encourages entrepreneurship by sponsoring educational events and supporting programs that highlight strategies for being successful in small business.

Drawing from his experience as an immigrant tech-entrepreneur, Dr. Paul Hsu authored the book, Guardians of the Dream: The Enduring Legacy of America’s Immigrants. The book is donated to organizations to use as a helpful navigation tool for those who wish to achieve their own American Dream. The book identifies the key skills and traits possessed by other successful entrepreneurs, which he says can be cultivated from a young age. He further offers personal insight and advice by serving as a guest speaker for large groups in conference and instructional settings.


The HSU Educational Foundation believes in the importance of developing leadership skills. Empowering students and working professionals through training, the following are organizations we proudly support:
Leadership Okaloosa hosted by the Costa Leadership Institute of the NWFSC Foundation provides training and community awareness to aspiring leaders in Okaloosa County.

Youth Leadership Conference hosted by United for a Good Cause offers youth an opportunity to learn about leadership and entrepreneurship in a setting where they hear inspiring messages and are encouraged to live life with a civic mindset, contributing to their community. They simulate how life decisions made everyday impact future opportunities.

The International Leadership Foundation (ILF) is a unique program where college-age students are offered opportunities to gain leadership skills and experience while participating in government internships at agencies in Washington D.C.

ILF Group with Dr. Hsu-Elaine Chow
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Career Technical Training

Working with educational partners, the HSU Educational Foundation seeks to promote awareness of the workforce skills in high demand, many of which do not require traditional degrees.

As our culture and economy shift to reflect a greater reliance on technology, those who take advantage of technical training and skills certification programs can access opportunities of higher wage earning potential.

Cultural Enrichment

The Hsu Educational Foundation supports a variety of programs that help students achieve educational excellence through development of soft skills, greater awareness of U.S. history, international customs, and current events. Acquisition of a foreign language and the study of international cultures are increasingly valuable and competitive workforce skills.

– Niceville High School Mandarin Chinese Language and Cultural Studies Program

– Daughters of the American Revolution U.S. Constitution Week, Educational Programs

– ILF Young Ambassadors Program

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Upcoming Events

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